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Kassiopi is one of the most developed villages of the northern part of the island of Corfu.

Kassiopi Panoramic

During the years of the Roman Empire, Kassiopi was already a flourishing town. It was the first or the last stop to everyone that was traveling from Italy to Greece and conversely.

It was probably founded by King Pyrros, however, it is certain that the well known orator Kikeron came here in 48 B.C. as well as the great emperor Nero in 67 A.C. The visit of Nero is associated with the ancient sanctuary of Kassios Zeus.

Unfortunately, from the Roman era almost nothing is rescued. The remains of the ancient castle can be seen on the hill over the harbor. The castle was destroyed by the Venetians when they conquered the island.

Interesting Places


Small roads, beautiful seas, green scenery and an ancient castle compose the magnificent picture of Kassiopi and make it the ideal location for your holidays and the base to explore all Nothern Corfu. Uniquely on this coast, as well as the ubiquitous “tourist shops” and every kind of eating and drinking facility, there are banks with cash machines, doctors and pharmacies, internet cafes and supermarkets, a school and a church, travel agents and a police station.

South of the village

In the south of Kassiopi, it is worth visiting the villages and beautiful beaches of Barbati, Nisaki, Kalami and the colorful Kouloura. Bay of Agios Stephanos and Kerasia beach are only a 10 minute drive from Kassiopi.

North of the village

Traveling North, don’t forget to visit the ancient settlements of Old Sinies and Old Perithia, the villages of Acharavi and Episkepsi, the magnificent rock formations in Sidari and the village of Roda.

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